Let’s escape!

When all those who question the biased eyes and the eyes that are wide shut about intimacy, perfection, gender, suppression and beliefs, they remind us of our natural existance. Our biases speak volumes about us, Is it right? Is it wrong? In the end it is just a mirror!

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A habitual arsonist!

Oh, she’s got the matches all lit in the dark,

And she starts the night again, a little careful this time..

This flamethrower clad goddess in all white,

She’s set out to burn some hearts to ashes tonight..
And I am just caught in the quiet flames,

It’s the start of a fine death, a descent in the light..

And so this thermal warfare marks its arrival,

Oh, I call it a war, but there is no reason to fight..
And so it’s a drunken affair with the fires she casts,

It’s a dream made out of grey, red and blue..

Neither a scream, nor a sigh, just a desire to purge,

Just a habit of letting it burn through..
And thus I have my salvation here by my side..

In this dampened world, o silent arsonist of mine..

Every moment is now a cremation of gloom..

And an excuse to set fire every time….

Metaphorical smiles!

Grey lights

and black shadows 

flooding the stairs 

of my apartment 

as I climb down.

More drowned 

in the bittersweet taste 

of the wine at the back of my mouth,

my steps heavier with every stair, down.

Outside, it is the sun 

dissolving into the horizon like yesterday and the day before. 

Grey lights and black shadows flooding the lane down 

till the general stores. 

Like that of your eyes, 

which once, 

never got weary looking into mine.

Eyes, that bowed down 

the last time we met, under oscillating lids, anchored to some endless sorrow. 

It faded. 

Like the grey lights, 

that faded into 

the black shadows as I walked past the general stores and further.

There’s so much distance between us. 

The sun, the earth and a million lightyears filling in the vacuum in between. 

So far are the stars, 

and farther our first kiss. 

My heart feels ancient. 

But, ah! It feels.

I’d lose you too,

Like many others in the chaos 

and crowd. 

But before that, 

I’ll live decades 

in the pages stashed beneath my ashtray. 

And smile in metaphors 

that utter nuisance.

So, the night comes a little less weary.

Disgusting disguise!

Masks are all we see,

if only we could dig a little deeper.

Maybe we could have seen,

all those unseen scars,

we could have heard all their screams,

they could still be here with us.

And we bully, we taunt,

oblivious to all their pain.

Driving them to their extremes,

unknowingly we have done so much,

the end still can’t be found.

Face value is all we know,

empathy is what we have forgotten.

It is falling to pieces!

Guzzling gallons of gasoline 

Huge monsters on the roads 

Gleaming exteriors pristine 

Maseratis running into Fords

Infesting the air with fumes

Noxious and asthmatic

Eagles soaring with plumes 

Geared and automatic !

Serpentine queues at lights

Patience ebbing at office time 

Road rage turning into fights

All for some nickels or a dime

Leave some pure oxygen 

For inheritors of the earth 

Ask for the Lord’s pardon 

And rejoice a new birth !!

Perhaps love!

Silent words

Perhaps my silence speaks 

the words, that fly out to

reach your heart.

Perhaps you inhale

their fragrance into your soul, 

because when you stare at me, 

I see the words fly out of 

your expressive eyes.

Perhaps when our words meet 

each other in the ambience,

they cannot be far apart.

Perhaps they immerse me

into your deep inexpressible love, 

because when you wake me up of 

the dream, I feel , words ain’t enough 

to comprehend our ardent bond.


Her naivette

shines bright 

in wide sanguine eyes

Rooted to the ground

her heart stills as he

whispers ^I love you^

Slipping her hand

in his, she proffers

a blushing cheek, 

sweeping lashes

shuttering her eyes

The beast unleashed

his groping hands

unleash a stench of lust

bringing her crashing back

to earth.

Lasciviousness murders


yet again!


The silence is laced 

by the sparrow’s song.

It could be in my dreams, 

in the stardust that adorns

the walls of my soul,

or in a cloud that is

away farther. 


I love you, I love you 

to the point of pain – 

but why doesn’t it get across?

Why does the bridge burn down 

when the whispers are halfway, 

why do the winds drown

the murmurs in their howl?

Why does a word crawl across 

the distance between us?

Why does it stall, 

despite the open door?

Why do the voices

choose to sleep?

Why do we stay?

Complicated complications!

I’m a complicated person. For, I hate simple petty things. These simple things suffocate my lungs out of the air, they make me go numb. Like, dead: cold and numb. I’ve a crave for complications, for the twisted formations of thoughts of your mind and mine. And guess what, I’ve always had had this habit of getting in to a maze of words, of colors and a maze of any probable thing that could be and turn around and look at the patterns that elucidate the knots in it and never want to be out of it. I could go into a maze, right now and get lost and sit there for years trying to complicate the way out further more and be lost for life. But then, all the mazes have maps and guides too, leading me out of it.

And l hate those simple conversations in some air-conditioned cabin, barista serving your favorite drink, simply. I’d love to sit in the wild or at least under the stars and clouds on a winter night, discussing big bang, a supernovae or you without the make up on, with all those tatters that you keep hiding away from the crowd. And the weird questions, which you never dare ask, for what if someone’s offended.

With the dark patches under your eyes and chapped lips.

But then, things should be kept simple, so I simply end the conversations at a good night.


You can tell me all about the dreams,

And I’ll have my face in my hands.

While I listen to you paint pictures with words.

Then I’ll probably tell you how

I wish to keep you all sheltered

From the sea monster of the far east,

Which comes out on nights 

We spend lying beneath purple stars. 

I don’t know where I’ve been,

But I see the home I have built in you.

Away from the tricks and traps,

We can stay there together while

Days turn into nights endlessly.

And if ever does the sea monster decide,

That it’s time for us to part,

I’ll put a heavy foot down on the sand,

And tell it that the only monsters I fear

Are the ones I conjure in a daze 

When you sleep away from me.

So, girl, you can tell me all about those dreams

Which keep you beside me.

And when you’re done with the kisses,

We’ll go make friends with the monster

Which I told off in a whim.

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